About Us

For larger swim meets

We designed Olly to enhance and simplify larger swim meets between school/club and state level. Olly is capturing the attention of busy leaders who want to stand out and stay ahead in swimming.

Named after an octopus!

The name “Olly” was inspired by an octopus holding a stopwatch in each tentacle. Our first logo was designed by swimmer Natasha Ramsden in April 2020.

Olly Timing overview

Video and AI

Olly Timing uses high speed video combined with our proprietary advanced AI computer vision software to “see” the starting flash and moment that a swimmer touches the wall at the end of a race.

Video is captured either from dedicated Olly cameras, or via an existing video system such as Hawk-Eye.

Olly Timing software runs on a computer operated by our expert.

Timekeepers alternative

Touchpads with backup timekeepers is the standard timing solution for most swim meets. We designed Olly Timing as an alternative to timekeepers.

The accuracy of Olly Timing is similar to timekeepers.

Official times

Unofficial times are computed automatically by Olly’s advanced AI. These can be reviewed and, if necessary, fine-tuned by our (human) operator to make them official.

Olly Timing is aligned with the Rules of Swimming but cannot be used to validate World Records (which are set on touch pad times).

Olly Timing can be used to provide backup times on demand, or all times for all events and swimmers. Results are delivered via electronic file for existing systems to ingest.


All race video is recorded to enable later review and resolution of any queries. This backup is also available to re-time the race in case of live system failure.

There are no batteries that require maintenance or may go flat.

Proven and approved

Swimming NSW have confirmed that Olly Timing may be used to record times at official events (so long as their standard officiating requirements are met).

Timekeeper free events at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre are now regularly powered by Olly Timing.

Olly Timing in action

Checkout our proprietary advanced AI in this old test video (no audio).

Our history

Swimming administrator and technical official Ben Ramsden envisioned Olly Timing in 2020. Our first proof of concept was produced in collaboration with Sydney University, Swimming Victoria and Hawk-Eye in 2021.

Guided by the Australian Sports Technologies Network in 2022 we built our business plan. The accuracy of human timekeepers was researched in collaboration with Swimming Metro North East.

Leading computer vision in swimming expert Archie Huybers joined the team in 2023 to spearhead development. Regular testing commenced with the support of Swimming NSW and Swimming Victoria and others.

In November 2023 we were humbled to make our first sale to a school. From February 2024 we have been regularly operating at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.

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