Olly Timing for Aquatic and Leisure Centres

Why you as Centre Manager should consider Olly Timing for your facility.

About you

You host multiple sports, and your aquatic centre is a major asset requiring significant staffing and upkeep. Aside from your active learn to swim program, the majority of pool users are leisure and lap swimmers, but you also host competitive squad training, a swim club and aqua fit classes. Local schools use your pool for their annual carnivals, and so does the club.

Much of your operation has been unchanged for a long time so you like new ideas. Your swim club has high expectations and you want to help, but this can be  a challenge. You have multiple stakeholders, budgets are tight and have been set a long time in advance. In your experience the best results are achieved when everyone is aligned.

You’ve had your existing timing system for a while, it works, but requires careful management and storage. There are only a few people on your team who really understand it, and with staff turnover training is a challenge when it’s not in regular use. It’s a huge problem when it breaks during an event because it impacts many people, and some get very frustrated.

Seriously impress your customers

“A game changer”

“Makes a HUGE difference”

“I’m ecstatic”


Your customers could be saying that about you!

Simplify your operations

Traditional timing systems are complex and suprisingly costly once all the “hidden” costs are considered.

Olly Timing is super simple which means no headaches, every race is recorded so nothing is missed, and no need for all those timekeeper chairs and buttons.

If you have already invested in a touchpad system then Olly Timing will operate alongside that.

Increase revenue

Hirers pay more for a pool equipped with Olly Timing.

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