Olly Timing welcomes SNSW clarity on use of times

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Swimming NSW has recently clarified how times from Olly Timing may be used.

Times are accepted, except for SNSW records

In summary, when Olly Timing is used at events, results will be approved and verified in Swim Central. No Swimming NSW records can be broken or set using Olly Timing.

NSW records can be broken or set if the time is successfully recorded via Quantum AOE. In the event that the AOE fails then 3 timekeepers to the hundredth of a second are required.

The full confidential communication was sent to Area Presidents on 19th June 2024.

Improving our sport through innovation

Olly Timing significantly values the support from Swimming NSW in developing the first of a new generation of swimming timing systems that dramatically simplifies and enhances competitive swimming competitions for venues, organisers, volunteers, coaches and athletes.

Since it’s introduction in February 2024, Olly Timing has already saved over 8.5 person months of timekeeper effort, plus countless hours of administrative effort organizing those timekeepers.

Evidence based validation

Swimming NSW kindly allowed Olly Timing validation at its 2024 Metro and Country LC Championships. Through a detailed comparison of over 6,000 times Olly Timing was shown to have a similar accuracy to human timekeepers.

Refer to full analysis here.

From Australia’s trusted swimming innovators

For over a decade the team behind Olly Timing have been making life easier for swimming people who stay dry!

  • In 2013 we introduced Australia’s first online race entry system, supplying a critical need until Swim Central caught up.
  • In 2016 we supported Swimming NSW to introduce online training for technical officials. This has enabled over 7,000 course passes.
  • Since 2018 our Swim.Rocks podcast has been sharing ideas, information and inspiration between swimming people who stay dry, and achieved over 30,000 downloads.
  • In 2021 we introduced Hawk-Eye video judging technology into swimming. This has since been adopted by World Aquatics, Swimming Victoria, and others.
  • Since 2022 we have been delivering and operating swim club websites within 15 minutes of order.

We look forward to Olly Timing enabling even more swimming people who stay dry to better support their swimmers.

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