Olly Timing for Schools

Why you as Aquatic Centre Manager, Head Coach or Head of Sport should consider Olly Timing.

About you

Swimming and water polo are two of many sports at your school. Your pool is there for the school, and some outsiders also hire it. You are responsible for the active learn to swim program and squads, but sometimes other school users surprise you.

Your staff manage all the routine operations. While you like to support them with new innovations, you also want to avoid additional complexity. You also know that the chlorinated atmosphere is not friendly on equipment.

Seriously impress your customers

“A game changer”

“Makes a HUGE difference”

“I’m ecstatic”


Your customers could be saying that about you!

Simplify your operations

Traditional timing systems are complex and suprisingly costly once all the “hidden” costs are considered.

Olly Timing is super simple which means no headaches, every race is recorded so nothing is missed, and no need for all those timekeeper chairs and buttons.

Increase revenue

Hirers pay more for a pool equipped with Olly Timing.

Want to know more?

Find out whether Olly Timing is right for your facility.