Version 1.3.0 released

Olly Timing v1.3.0

Olly Timing software v1.3.0 has now been released containing a powerful mix of new features and bug fixes.

The new “In Race Review” function enables faster results by allowing the times of leading swimmers to be manually confirmed ahead of slower swimmers completing their race. “Meet Program Import” is now much easier to use via the front end user interface.

Significant new features

  • “In Race Review” introduced.
  • “Meet Program Import” moved into front end user interface.
  • New manual “Extend Race” toggle and accessibility improvements.
  • User interface improvements including new logo overlay, colours, naming and button positioning.

Bug fixes

Many bug fixes and tweaks have been applied including:

  • Meet Manager .do4 file format fixes.
  • Historic replay mode zulu time conversion fix.
  • Control room scoreboard enhancements under the hood and fixes.

Olly Timing software has been in continuous and active development for many months. We are delighted to bring these powerful and impactful enhancements to our customers, as well as many fixes and tweaks behind the scenes.

Olly Timing software v1.3.0 has been thoroughly tested alongside the earlier version for many weeks and is now available for all customers to use.

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