Win – No timekeepers at your next events!

No Timekeepers

To celebrate the 2024 Australian Age Championships and 2024 Sydney Open & UniSport Nationals, Olly Timing will be giving away a software licence to one lucky winner.

“Revolutionary” is how one recent customer described Olly Timing’s brand new and proprietary artificial intelligence powered video timing system. “It makes a HUGE difference” said another.

Everyone benefits with video timing

Swim meets from grass roots to State level are now easier to run with 20 fewer volunteers*.

Athletes, Coaches, and Officials can have full confidence in results recorded by high speed video and available for later verification.

Parents enjoy fewer obligations, more enjoyment and better visibility of swimmers.

Swimming authorities can reduce volunteer burnout and quickly respond to queries about results. Aquatic Centres benefit from simpler operations with fewer points of failure.

Visit Olly Timing on pool deck at Nationals

Come and see for yourself why Olly Timing is attracting worldwide attention. Visit our stand at AGE on pool deck at the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre Thursday 11th and Friday 12th April.

Win a licence for your organisation

Olly Timing is giving away a free 4-meet software licence. Imagine how your organisation could both stand out and simplify your next events with Olly Timing instead of timekeepers!

Hurry – entries close 12th May.

Press this button to review terms and conditions and enter your chance to win now:

*based on 2 timekeepers per lane at a 10 lane pool.

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